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To Mme Kossowska in a dance



What a pleasant work of nature is the one
Who, with a graceful leap, springs up to a dance?
What deity has started her frolics
And amuses the world with her charming sight?
People gather around in bewilderment
Seeing such a wonder of beauty and grace;
Cupid, sending a silent sigh from afar,
Sharpens his bowstrings in vain.
Delightful in shape, lively like a deer,
Lovely eyes like aurora, mouth like a ruby.
With nimble wind she chases in the dance,
Touching the heart of whoever comes into sight.
Little feet hardly let themselves be seen
And only now and then touch the ground.
All her limbs gambol together
And Zephyr plays with her airy gown.
Zephyr, who himself deserves to be envied
For all his desires are fulfilled,
Sees the innermost recesses of her body
Continuously kissing and caressing her mouth.
Vainly, you, Graces, take pride
In rousing admiration of Olympus with your dance,
For Mme Kossowska here on earth
Can amuse the mortals in their lives.
Picturing this sight of shapeliness
And the charm of the countenance
I leave to Trembecki the poet’s pen
And to Smuglewicz the painter’s brush.
However, giving them such advice I righteously fear
That before their work is done
A prior warning should be passed:
Pygmalion’s fate may befall you! 

Stanislaw Trembeck

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012