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English / 1901-1920 



    W.H. Auden (York, 1907-1973): Danse Macabre by Auden

                                            The Dance of Death (excerpts)




    Ben Belitt (New York, 1911-2003): Dance pience



   John Berryman (Oklahoma, 1914-1972): King David dances

                                                          “At Henry’s bier...”




      Earle Birney (Calgary, Canada, 1904-1995): The bear on the Delhi road


Richard Buckle (Warcop, UK, 1916-2001): Pippa Passes

                                                  Telegram To The Poet and Critic Edwin Denby on his sixtieth birthday

                                                                Cod Piece or What you will


  João Cabral de Melo Neto (Recife, Brazil, 1920-1999): The Dancer by Joao


  Sydney Carter (Camden Town, London, UK, 1915-2004): Lord of the Dance

  John Collier (London, UK, 1901-1980): Isadora Duncan (The Modern Age)



Margaret Danner (Kentucky, 1915-1984): Dance of the Abakweta



   Donald Davidson (Massachussetts, 1917-2003): Pavane




   Robert Duncan (Oakland, 1919-1988): The Dance by Duncan


  Carlos Drummond de Andrade: Dawn



    William Empson (Yorkshire, 1906-1984): The beautiful train


  Paul Engle (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US, 1908-1991): DANCER: FOUR POEMS



      Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski (Warsaw, 1905-1953): Night Is Dancing





  Langston Hughes (Missouri, 1902-1967): Dream variation

                                                                                                                            African Dance From Africa



   Helene Johnson (Massachussetts, 1906-1995): Bottled: New York




    A.M. Klein (Ukraine, 1909-1972): Psalm XII



  James Kirkup (South Shields, UK, 1918-2009): Homage to Vaslav Nijinsky





     James Laughlin (Pennsylvania, 1914-1997): Martha Graham




    John Lehmann (Bourne End, 1907-1987): ON WITH THE DANCE



  Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Englewood, NJ, USA, 1906-2001): 




   Robert Lowel (Massachusetts, 1917-1977): Poet to ballerina




     Louis MacNeice (Belfast, 1907-1963): Les Sylphides

                                                                                                                     Night Club




   William Meredith (New York, 1919-2007): Dialogue at the ballet






    Kenneth Rexroth (Indiana, 1905-1982): Song for a Dancer






     Theodore Roethke (Michigan, 1908-1963): My papa’s waltz

                                                                                                                                                          The dance



Winfield Townley Scott (Massachussets, 1910-1968): Re-Run


   Jaroslav Seifert (Zizkov, Czech Republic, 1901-1986): Dance-Song



    Karl Shapiro (Baltimore, 1913-2000): Ballet Mécanique




     James Schevill (Berkeley, 1920-2009): Descartes Composes a Ballet




   Stevie Smith (U.K., 1902-1971): The dedicated dancing bull

                                                                                               The Dedicated Dancing Bull and the Water Maid




    Bernard Spencer (India, 1909-1963): Castanets

                                                                                             Egyptian dancer at Shubra




   Stephen Spender (England, 1909-1995): The swan


   William Stafford (Kansas, 1914-1993): At the Klamath Berry Festival




Terence Tiller (Truro, 1916-1987): Egyptian dancer





   Parker Tyler (New Orleans, 1904-1974): Nijinsky





    Peter Viereck (New York, 1916-2006): Graves are made to waltz on














Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012