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Pippa Passes

                            To Linclon Kirstein


I am the Pooza of Lincoln's Plaza

Bred in the shade of Philip's casa.

The longhair temple where Philistines and stars are,

And Samson Schuman, eyeless in Gaza.


West Side poozas learn their paces

When George, John or Jerry hold the aces,

Keeping at bay the Lucia Chases

Who' ll never know what pooza grace is.


Ballet poozas hold their poses,

Entrechat and point their toesies;

Yiddischer poozas have long noses;

And Oscar poozas love their Bosies.


(On the Plaza Pizza passes,

Picking her way through broken glasses,

Peering at all the upturned arses

Of ballet boys who are late for classes.)


I know a Nip who's a Bugacruiser

And a Limely hack who's a beastly booze

And a Russky cat who sets dance to Sousa-

But some of my best friends are Jews-ah!

                                      Yours sincerely, Pippa Pooza.


        Richard Buckle

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012