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 English / 1921-1940



Jack Anderson (Wisconsin, 1935): The Dust Dancers



    Alan Brownjohn (London, 1931): Of dancing



    Leonard Cohen (Westmount, 1934): The Music crept by us





    Cid Corman (Boston, 1924-2004): The dance by Corman





  James Dickey (Georgia, 1923-1997): Buckdancer






    David Diop (Bordeaux, 1927-1960): To a black dancer





    John Haines (Virginia, 1924-2011): The Dance by Haines 



Paul Hannigan (U.S.A., 1936-2000): Hippolytus the bad dancer


Robert Heath Jr. (Patten, 1934-1982): Seeing her Dancing



Anthony Hecht (New York, 1923-2004): Tarantula or the dance of death




    Richard Howard (Cleveland, 1929): An old dancer 





     Elizabeth Jennings (Boston, 1926-2001): The dancers




  Jerome Judson (Oklahoma, 1927-1991): At the dancing scholl of the sisters Schwartz



  Adrienne Kaeppler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, 1935): Thinking about the Korcula Conference



   Denise Levertov (Ilford, 1923-1997): Dance memories



Hedley Lucas (1933): AT A DANCE




Jack Marshall (U.S.A., 1937): For the dancer, Fred Herko




   George Mc Whirter (Belfast, 1939): Danse Macabre






    James Merrill (New York, 1926-1995): Watching the dance






   Adrian Mitchell (Hampstead Heath, 1932-2008): Byron Is One of the Dancers

                                                                                                                            For David Mercer

                                                                                                       What to do if you meet Nijinsky 




    N. Soctt Momaday (Lawton, 1934): The Gourd Dancer






    Ned O'Gorman (New York, 1929-2014): A Conversation





   Frank O'Hara (Baltimore, 1926-1966): First dances

 At Kamin’s Dance Bookshop





    Gabriel Okara (Nigeria, 1921): The Mystic Drum



    Sylvia Plath (Boston, 1932-1963): The night dances

                                                                                                Danse macabre by Plath





   Ennis Rees (Virginia, 1925-2009): “Ballroom”






   Anne Sexton (Massachusetts, 1928-1974): How we danced

                                                                                 THE WEDDING RING DANCE

                                                     The red dance

                                                                         The Papa and Mama Dance






    W.D. Snodgass (Pennsylvania, 1926-2009): At the Park Dance





     Mark Strand (Summerside, 1934-2014): The Dance by Strand




    Andrey Voznesensky (Moscow, 1933-2010): Maya





    David Wagoner (Massillon, 1926): Song while Dancing around an Empty Village

                                                                                               The Dance of Only-One and Dead Man

                                                                                               How Southeast Came to the Dancing House





    Diane Wakoski (Whittier, California, 1937): Belly dancer





  Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Zima, 1932): Doing the twist on nails

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012