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English / 1941-1960


  Richard James Allen (Australia, 1960): My Word-View Expressed In Dance


  Roy Blount Jr. (Indianapolis, US, 1941): For the Record


    Dunn Douglas (Inchinnan, 1942): The Musician



  Elton Glaser (New Orleans, US, 1945): Dancing lessons



   Patrice Kayo (Cameroon, 1942): Song of the Initiate 





    Gwendolyn MacEwen (Toronto, 1941-1987): The child dancing





Ron Padgett (U.S.A., 1942) & Dick Gallup (U.S.A., 1941): Spanish Fly


  Sarah Petronio (Bombay, 1944): 'nuff said//



  Katha Pollitt (Brookyln, NY, USA, 1949): A Turkish story




    Ron Rogers (New York, 1952): Bear Dance


  Jerry Washington Ward, Jr. (Washington, D. C, 1943): The Dancer’s Zoo

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012