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English / 1801-1850



James Barton Adams (U.S.A., 1843-1918): At a cowboy dance



   Charles Beaudelaire (Paris, 1821-1867): Dance of Death




   Robert Browning (Camberwell, 1812-1889): THE DANCE OF DEATH




  Emily Dickinson (Massachussetts, 1830-1886): I cannot dance upon my Toes



   Thomas Hardy (Stinsford, 1840-1928): The ballet

                                        After the Club-Dance

                                          The Country Wedding

                                                                                                  The dance at the Phoenix

                          The Fiddler

                                                   A Merrymaking in Question

                                             Music in a Snowy Street

                                                    At a Pause in a Country dance


  Nikolaus Lenau (Lenauheim, Romania, 1802-1850):  Der Steyrertanz



   Cyprian Kamil Norwid (Poland, 1821-1883): To a Famous Russian Dancer


    Coventry Patmore (Woodford, 1823-1896): Canto III The County Ball




   James Whitcomb Riley (Indiana, 1849-1916): My dancin’ - days is over




   Frances Oswood Sargeant (U.S.A., 1811-1850): Celeste dancing




May Riley Smith (Rochester, 1842-1927): The last dance

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012