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English / before 400



   Anon: The Dance by Anon


   Aristophanes (Classical Athens): Enter the Spartan and Athenian envoys, followed by Lysistrata and oll the women. 



   Chang Heng (Nanyang, 78 AD-139 AD): The dancers of Huai-Nan




    Euripide (Salamis Island, 480 BC-406 BC): Choros Translations (From the Bacchae)

       The Bacchae Chorus

                        Dance of the Maidens of Dionysus


  Homer ( Ios, X- XI BC): A Dance in the Palace of Alcinous

                                                                            A Dance in the Palace of Vulcan


  Hesiod ( Teogonia ): The Dance of the Muses



  Jeremiah ( 655 B.C. Egypt ): The Dancer (Jeremiah)


   Burkart von Hohenfels (Germany, Middle Ages): A dance song



  Pindar (Boeotia, 552-443 BC): from The Power of Music

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012