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English / Anonymous



“Ashes of roses and Spindrift”


Le Carlotta Grist, in “Paquita”


Julia to her bosom friend Isabel.




From the collection “Through a window”


My dancing Day


The Honeire Dance Midsummer’s on St. John’s Eve


The Irish Dancer


The Morris Dance


The rural Dance about the Maypole


There are perils dire... (excerpt)


The season’s o’er - Cerrito’s steps


The Country Lass


Traditional Hungarian


Traditional Hungary Wedding of Cana


"Taps" for a beloved hero




Slow Dance


Stanzas To Cerrito


A poem


Dawn (Hindu)


Dance of a Nautch Girl


Vision of the Sacred Dance


An Officer Dances for a Duke


A Riotous Dance


The Dance of Delight


Alexandre Meunier: À Mademoiselle Cléo de Mérode


Norma Farmer: Dancer, how do you dare?

Murray Noss: Folk dance at Shinto shrine


Bill Moseley: In full swing


Egan Mew: Shadows


Jim Bogan: Nijinsky’s Flight


George Edward Tait: At the Ball



Uncle Bogie: What every fairy knows


Baker: At the age of eight


Pope & Gay: To Marie Sallé


W: Mdlle. Carlotta Grisi.


Vasilii Katanian: 87 Untitled (1919)


James Cook Richmond: No Slur, Else-slur: A Dancing Poem or Satyr


Markwell: In memory of Mlle Julie (excerpt)


Marie P.Pelliccioni: I cannot please you all the time


Herbert Bentley Freeman: Squire Chivey's dance A sunset song


Master Harry: Epitaph for Clara Webster


Thomas Bryan: On the dancers of Drury Lane


Belli: La Cerrito

         The Ballerina’s Departure


Bernice Kavinoky: Poet to Dancer


Katharyn Machan Aal: Oh She Dances  

Mary Barres Riggs: Nijinsky’s Poème Choreographique de L’Après-midi d’un faune

                              The Rag Mazurka

                              For My Pointe Shoe: Variations on a Poem by Christopher Smart


Micheline Clavel: Antonia Mercé Argentina

E. A.-B. : To Isadora, dancing

Andrew O'Connell: The Connemara Set

Sean Garvey : The joy of Set Dancing 

Ragovin: I’ll marry your son

              The girl from Zervo

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012