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“Ashes of roses and Spindrift”


the sky is

the sky is moving

birds in conflict


one dancer

and the many                   loosen the links

to leave the curve of the earth

racing in the face of the leap.

Suspend!               dissolve in waves of sound

flying upwards                weightless in upward air

bodies glow

they ride with Venus                  Circe           and grasp the moon

leaping from point to point

stretched power

glistening arcs                 arrows in space that pierce the bow of Diana

one by one

and landing softly they never feel the return to earth

but stay awhile leading each other

in sweeping circles, of surprise meetings with fish primed

                                      for jumps in the sky ...

the bodies fall to the ground with a smoothness of motion

only to be rebound

as shapes linear or wide horizontal

catch the movement

with runs that precede the

leap out of sight

it is the Daring!

                                                birds sit on boughs leafless

we leap with unknown dancer.



Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012