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Mdlle. Carlotta Grisi.


  “And will she not come again ?” - Shakespeare.

Farewell ! farewell ! Terpsichore’s daughter !

      Buoyant, and graceful, and free-

Ne’er did more beauty come over the water

      Than we have worshipp’d in thee !

Light be thy heart as thy own reckless bounding,

      Ne’er may it sorrow or sigh,

But while the world with thy fame is resounding,

      Turn the sweet light of thine eye

Back to that island where many regret thee,

      Many who think thee the first-

Who, if they see thee not, ne’er will forget thee,

      But keep in their memory nursed

“The form of a Grace with the mind of a Muse,”

   A sylphid they lov’d and unwilling to lose !



Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012