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I cannot please you all the time


I cannot please you all the time

No matter how I try

Every song's a different beat

And here's the reason why

Harry and Sharon want to Hustle

Marion Lucia likes the Blues

Bob Smutek loves to Latin

He'll dance the soles

Right off your shoes

Maxie and Ferdie request Big Band

Nevada Bob wants a strong bass beat

Just play a little Rock and Roll

And Terry leaves his seat

You lose Dawn if you play some Jazz

Jim Godbey wants no Blues

A Fox Trot every now and then

Will sometimes get me boos

A western song and you all cry

"We thought this club was Swing!''

Wouldn't it be boring

If we all liked one thing

I'd only have to play one song

And soon you would complain

That all the music sounds alike

A familiar refrain

So dance the ones you like the most

Sit the others out

Someone likes the song that's on

Now don't sit there and pout

I'm here to please you, one and all

And though it's hard to do

This song may be for Rosemarie

But the next one's just for you.


Marie P.Pelliccioni 

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012