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The rural Dance about the Maypole


COME lasses and lads, take leave of your dads,
   And away to the Maypole hey;
For every he has got a she
With a Minstrel standing by:
For Willy has gotten his Jill,
And Johnny has got his Joan,
To jigg it, jigg it, jigg it, jigg it, jigg it up and down.
Y' are out,' says Dick, ''Tis a lie,' says Nick,
'The fiddler played it false';
'Tis true,' says Hugh, and so says Sue,
And so says nimble Alice.
   The fiddler then began
   To play the tune agen,
And every girl did trip it, trip it, trip it to the men.
Yet there they sat, until it was late
And tired the fiddler quite,
With singing and playing, without any paying
From morning until night.
   They told the fiddler then
   They'd pay him for his play,
And each a twopence, twopence, twopence, gave him and
          went away.
'Good night' says Tom, and so says John,
'Good night', says Dick to Will,
'Good night' says Sis, 'Good night' says Pris,
'Good night', says Peg to Nell.
Some run, some went, some stayed
Some dallied by the way,
And bound themselves by kisses twelve to meet next


Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012