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Traditional Hungary


Wedding of Cana


When our Lord on earth did walk

There came to him one of his disciples,

Who bending low,

Humbly kissed his masters hand.

               ‘Twas Peter, Jonah’s son.


Master, Thy Mother her greatings sends

And begs Thee to come to her at once,

Because the best man awaits

An answer to his invitation

                 To the Cana wedding.


Immediately Jesus hurries homewards,

While Peter, having lost his stick,

Could not proceed

And soon lagged far behind

                 His master Jesus.


When Peter got home with his stick,

The best man had already departed,

Because Jesus had promised

That He would attend

                The Cana wedding.


As the evening grew silently night,

Jesus visited His disciples

To tell them to set out,

Lest they should be late

                 For the Cana wedding.


They awaited Him with great respect,

Though all were longing to dance,

But when Jesus entered

Everyone rose

                 At the Cana wedding.


“Praised be the Lord!” cried Peter

All answered: “For ever be He so!”

We have come as we promised,

And hope we are not late

                 For The Cana wedding.


Great was the rejoicing at the Cana wedding.

Jesus sat at the table’s head,

With Maria on His right,

His disciples on His left,

                  At the Cana wedding.


When the supper was at an end

The women stood in a row;

The gypsies struck up

Music for the dance

                 At the Cana wedding.


Then they began dancing with their partners,

Old Peter with the Virgin Mother

“Dance you holy woman, Anna’s daughter!

 Make your skirt whirl swiftly

                 At the Cana wedding!”


The wine had very many foes

Who attacked it with great vigour,

Till the tap, overworked,

Refused to give another drop

                  At  the Cana wedding.


                        To prevent the gaiety from being destroyed

                        Jesus spoke to the best man, ordering him

                        To fill the bucket with water

                        And bring it to Him

                                           At the Cana wedding.


                        They bring the bucket of water to Him,

                        And Jesus, glancing at it,

                        Gives it to an old man

                        To taste for himself!

                                            At the Cana wedding.


                        And lo! a miracle of miracles has happened!

                        The best man struck all of a heap

                        When he, too, tasted the wine

                        And found it so good

                                            At the Cana wedding.


                        They bring six more buckets of water

                        For Jesus to turn into wine,

                        At His bidding the cold water

                        Became the choicest of wines

                                            At the Cana wedding.


                       When the Jesus did hear of this,

                       They invited Jesus to all the weddings

                       To make wine for them.

                        But Jesus did not desire to go

                                            To more weddings.

Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012