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Stanzas To Cerrito


’Tis the flash of a spirit’s wing,

And a spirit of beauty and peace, I know;

For smiles attend it where’er it doth go,

And musical symphonies ring.

Like a ray of light’mid the grey clouds dancing,

It flitteth about-receding, advancing,

A bright, ethereal thing.

’Tis a phantom of fairy-land,

And its hazel eyes and radiant hair,

And its lightning movements, here and there,

To the sound of music bland,

Are aerial all; for it, birdlike, floateth

So fleetly, the eye of the gazer scarce noteth

Or tiny foot or hand.

’Tis no flash of a spirit’s wing,

’Tis no phantom of fairy climes, I know,

But a high-souled woman, whose intellect’s glow

Hath a touch of eternal spring !

’Tis no beauteous dream, but a creature human-

A fair, and a pure, and a gracious woman,

Our peerless CERRITO!



Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012