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The Country Lass


Although I am a County lass

          A lofty mind I bear-a :

I think myslef as good as those

          Who gay apparel wear-a.

My dress is made of comely grey,

Yet is my skin as soft-a

As those who using choice perfume,

Do scent their garments oft-a

At times I keep my father’s sheep-

Athing that must be done-a,

A garland of the fariest flowers

Oft shades me from the sun-a,

And when I see them feeding by

Where grass and flowers spring-a,

Close by a crystal fountain clear

I sit me down and sing-a

I take my part in household work,

I card.  I sew.  I spin-a,

I milk the cows at warly morn

Kind robins smile I win-a,

I bake.  I brew with sister Sue

My brothers hose I darn-a,

At harvest time a sicle wield

And willow in a barn-a

My ruddy cheeks with glow of health

          Seek neither paint nor pathing;

At church I have my duty learnt,

          And need no constant watching

With Robin at the Whitsuntide,

          I dance upon the green-a,

While pipe and tabor cheer the throng-

          A merry set.  I ween-a

Then do not scorn the country lass,

          Though she go plain and meanly,

Who takes a country girl to wife

          That goeth neat and cleanly,

If better sped than if he wed

          A lady from the city,

Fot there they are so idly bred

          Thev’re only woth our pity.



Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012