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"Taps" for a beloved hero


we have been robbed

the armies sobbed

our hero's gone? Why?

They cry and cry and cry


where are the lights

of those bright white nights

our creative choice

that beautiful voice


bespectacled eyes

smiling, no-disguise

our sophisticated man

with the light brown tan

our beloved soul

Greg-Jelly Roll

with the dancing feet

rhythmning the beat


warm and willing

despite star-billing

generous smile

wide as a mile


the positive vibes

for all our tribes

his ever-strong stance

for all tap soldiers... "go dance"

Gregory Hines was proud to be a tap dancer


let's open our souls dry our tears

raise our heads, calm our fears

and listen to his words of love

that familiar voice, now from above


ladies and guys go beat the ground

fill the world with rhythmic sound

be proud to be tap dancers


We will never forget you Gregory


 - Saran and Leela Petronio, Paris



Dance Poetry
A comprehensive anthology
Edited by Alkis Raftis
Copyright 2012